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Bus travel

School Buses

Children travelling by bus must have a bus pass, or the money to pay their bus fare if not eligible for a pass.

Applications should be made at the school office. If lost, the bus pass can be replaced at a cost to the pupil. Requests for a replacement should be made to the Lithgow Buslines bus company.

Notification of change of address for bus passes, must be notified to the school office and a new application form completed.

All Infants children qualify for free bus travel to school on the established bus routes. Primary children who live at distances greater than 1.6 km from the school also qualify for free bus travel.

Eligible Primary students are those residing within the boundary of Lyon Parade, Tweedie Street, Mudgee Street, Bathurst Street, Lidsdale Street, Commens Street and Lane Street. Also included (on safety grounds) are students residing in Brays Lane and Main Street situated in the area northwest of the Western Railway line.

Primary students who reside within the boundary of the northern side of Barton Avenue, Cripps Avenue and Heel Street are ineligible for free bus travel.

Bus Routes

Bus 1: Frog (Route 1013)- Portland, Blackmans Flat and Lidsdale


Bus 2: Giraffe (Route 1024)- James Parade and Hume Avenue area


Bus 3: Rhino (Route 1019)- Commens Street

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